Eight-year-old Girl Keeps Coyote as Family Pet

Hailey Hanestad thinks nothing about nuzzling up to the animal, called Wiley, and even dozes off with him on her bed. Wiley has been a treasured member of the family since being rescued by Hailey’s dad, Rick, three years ago. Today he’s thought to be just one of two coyotes in the US that have become domesticated after being born in the wild. And at the Hanestad farm, in Wisconsin, he’s treated just like a dog – sitting by the fire in the winter, going for walks on a lead and even playing fetch with a tennis ball. He’s got his own comfy chair and enjoys a diet of venison and fried eggs. He even has to have his meat cooked – because he won’t eat it raw.

Haley with a young Wiley as a pup. (Photo by Barcroft Media)

A young Wiley playing on Rick Hanestad’s hand. (Photo by Barcroft Media)

Hailey with a younger Wiley. (Photo by Barcroft Media)

Rick Hanestad poses for a photograph with family pet Wiley. (Photo by Barcroft Media)

Hailey poses for a photograph with the family pet. (Photo by Barcroft Media)

Coyote Wiley sniffs Hailey, 8, at their home. (Photo by Barcroft Media)

Coyote Wiley enjoys sprawling up with Hailey. (Photo by Barcroft Media)

Rick Hanestad goes for a walk in the woods near his house with pet Coyote Wiley. (Photo by Barcroft Media)

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