Dashi Namdakov Is Turning Heads With His Fantastic Bronze Sculpture


Russian artist Dashi Namdakov has a new bronze sculpture on display in London that is turning heads for its terrifiying appearance. “She-Guardian,” installed last month next to Cumberland Gate, Marble Arch, measures 36 feet high and took the last two years for the artist to complete. She depicts a mythical winged creature standing guard over her young and, in a strange turn of events, a group of migrants recently seeking shelter at her base. She stands in the same spot as one of Namdakov’s other popular works, “Genghis Khan” (2012). Both pieces represent the artist’s signature dramatic Post-Modernist style in which he conveys mysterious creatures of ancient spirituality.


Many of his works are created in contemplation of the inner life of his subjects, warriors and imaginary beasts, like the “She-Guardian.” While she has an undeniable presence, his other recent works exploring the theme of maternity are more passive. These include his bronze cast “Mother” (2014), portraying a panther-like mythological being feeding her puppies.


Namdakov uses his sculptures to give character to the types of relics we find on display in history museums, and he’s certainly done his job in eliciting a polarizing response. He does not share the publics’ opinion of his latest work as aggressive or frightening. To him, his art represents years of cultural experiences and traditions as a Buddhist and descendant of Darkhan blacksmiths, the main source of his inspiration and unique ideology. Take a look at more photos of his sculptures below.

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