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These Incredible Sand Sculptures By Andoni Bastarrika Are The Ultimate Childhood Dream

Remember when you were little and you were building sandcastles on the beach? In your mind, they were tall, abundant, rich, but in reality, there were…well, not that great. These incredible sand sculptures by Andoni Bastarrika are so lifelike and cool, that I wish I had him around when I was a kid playing in the sand.

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By the look of it, these amazing sand sculptures are not the result of some carefree time spent at the beach. It looks like he took this activity to a whole new level, proving to everyone that with a little bit of patience, will, and an artistic eye, you can turn even wet sand into incredible works of art.

What makes Bastarrika’s art even better is the way he chooses to position his sand sculptures, to make them look like animals that have just been washed up on the beach. We’ve covered context; now how about canvas? Bastarrika’s canvas is the Basque beaches from northern Spain. The first thing he needs is an elevated cement platform where he deposits all the sand he needs. Then he starts molding the sand using methods he’s self-taught himself through trial and error.

Almost all these sand animals are portrayed in a relaxed, dormant state, and you could say they are just taking a nap by the ocean. White sharks, alligators, rhinos and even elephants and bulls are sleeping by the ocean and they are so lifelike, they might scare you at first.

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