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Faces Of The Wild

Faces of the Wild” is a photo series of 100 images featuring exquisitely executed depictions of the silence of animals held captive.

This project is about the silence of animals that are held in captivity. Started in March, 2014, “Faces Of The Wild” is a photo series delivering the illustrious combination of man and the animal through the process of in camera and digital makeup.

The photographer, Devin Mitchell was inspired by the conditions of large majestic animals that are being held in captivity by zoos. He has photographed animals while visiting several wildlife facilities, and uses the in-camera texture to mimic the likeness of the animals with photoshop brushes and painting techniques.

“I believe in zoology, and the study of ethology.” Devin said. “However, I also believe that large majestic animals should be kept in free range, land reserve environments, where there are no fences for dozens of miles. After all, this country owns so much land and I just wondered how I can spark a conversation about it.”

The book will feature stunning close up portraits of both men and women in the likeness of various wildcats, birds and reptiles.


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