Inside Opower’s Arlington Office: A robot, a Scooter and Many, Many Couches – Design You Trust

Inside Opower’s Arlington Office: A robot, a Scooter and Many, Many Couches

Anybot at rest at Opower‘s Arlington office. (Jeffrey MacMillan / For Capital Business)

Drew Hylbert, director of engineering, controls the robot from the company’s San Francisco office. His face appears on the robot’s screen. (Jeffrey MacMillan / For Capital Business)

Opower employees in Arlington in a meeting with co-workers at the San Francisco office. (Jeffrey MacMillan / For Capital Business)

Roderick Morris, senior vice president of consumer marketing and operations, takes control of the Anybot. (Jeffrey MacMillan / For Capital Business)

Erik Shilts, a quantitative analyst, works in one of the company’s many communal areas. (Jeffrey MacMillan / For Capital Business)

Vinny Magno, manager of process analytics at Opower. (Jeffrey MacMillan / For Capital Business)

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