Premature Babies – Moving Portraits of Newborns and What They Have Become

Félix, born at 24 weeks / Margot, born at 29 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Quebecker photographer Red Méthot, aka RedM has created a series of moving portraits of premature children, paralleling newborns and what they have become. By photographing these children holding in their hands a picture taken at the time of their birth, RedM illustrates in a single image the strength and the road traveled by these people who often had a difficult journey in early life.

Noah et Nathan, born at 32 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Charles, born at 26 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Andréanne, born at 32 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Thomas, born at 29 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Julie, born at 7 months, and her son Kevin, born at 34 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Juliette, born at 30 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Olivier, born at 31 weeks, his sister Ariane, born at 33 weeks and their brother Noah, born at 34 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Léonard, born at 35 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Margot, born at 29 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Thomas, born at 23 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Émile, born at 26 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Samuel, born at 36 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Lexiani, born at 25 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Samuel, born at 36 weeks, and his sister Alice, born at 27 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Noah, born at 32 weeks. His twin Victoria, on the left, who died after 1 month of life. Photo © Red Méthot

Zachary, born at 27 weeks. Photo © Red Méthot

Via Ufunk, SmugSmug

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