An Artist Transforms Everyday Items In These Amazing Paper Sculptures

The items you see every day might seem dull and mundane after a while, and certainly not conducive to creating art. Yet for Cybele Young, it’s the everyday things that provide inspiration for the fantastic.

In Some Changes Were Made, Young’s tiny, intricate paper sculpture series, the Toronto-based artist turns everyday items into blooming alien life. She achieves this by taking said items — the kind that might be seen in a lost-and-found bin — and using them as jumping-off points.

Then, in steps, the objects begin to grow and transform, getting bigger, weirder, and messier, and taking on organic shapes until they look like strange sea creatures or fungi.

It’s almost like the imagined world of what these objects get up to when no one is around.

Young describes these pieces as a way to look at the world anew, and an exploration of how even the smallest, most insignificant things sometimes have strange, larger results in our lives. “I compile these in various arrangements to create communities that interact and form new relationships,” she says, “much like the small, seemingly insignificant moments in our everyday lives that come together to create unexpected outcomes.”

Young’s paper sculptures also show everyday items in strange worlds, where they’re not necessarily transforming, but their everyday, expected uses are still being subverted into strange, surreal new scenes.

Young’s work was most recently on display at the Forum Gallery in New York, but you can also see her work on her website. Be sure to also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Via Viralnova, Colossal

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