Ironic Illustrations About the Internet from Old Issues of The New Yorker, Which Now Look Quite Ordinary – Design You Trust

Ironic Illustrations About the Internet from Old Issues of The New Yorker, Which Now Look Quite Ordinary

The New Yorker, February, 1999 by Barbara Smaller

The New Yorker magazine is well known outside of its usual audience for, among other things, illustrations with ironic captions.

Twitter user @maxsaltman drew attention to some of the illustrations from archived issues of the magazine:

“I love finding New Yorker cartoons so dated that the joke is lost entirely and the cartoons become just descriptions of people doing normal things,” he noted.

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The New Yorker, June 1994 by Robert Mankoff

The New Yorker, July 1998 by Bernard Schoenbaum

The New Yorker, October 1998 by Victoria Roberts

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