Quarantine Beards: Four-Time World Beard And Moustache Championship Winner Opens Up About Growing Custom Facial Hair

Four-time World Beard and Mustache Championship winner MJ Johnson opened to New York Magazine about growing custom facial hair, the trend of men growing “quarantine beards” and his start in competitive growing and his newly found viral fame. Johnson also voiced concerns about his facial hair conflicting with the requirements of his job as an emergency worker.

“I got a declared a tier two emergency worker because of my position as the frozen replenisher at the top co-op in Minnesota you know just trying to give people food, but you have exposure to the public 40 to 50 hours a week, so I’m wondering can you be required to shave? The CDC had a chart, it had like 27 different types of facial hair. But the reason that they made that chart in the first place was to say this type of facial hair is what works with a respirator. So I was thinking what are the circumstances didn’t have to be where I wouldn’t shave completely which I haven’t since 2008 as part of my livelihood.”

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