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Artist Draws Food With A Handful Of Character And A Dash Of Humour

Bacon and Egg
The best breakfast couple in a tango.

“Hi! I’m Chrystal Giam, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Malaysia, but currently based in a country of the complete opposite, Finland. Here are some food illustrations I made for an ongoing project called Foodman to recreate daily situations with personified food. I like my food cute, funny and “punny”, so I hope you’ll like them too!”

More: Tumblr h/t: boredpanda

Marshmallow man burning with determination and finally wins the race.

Flan / Caramel Pudding
Flan man showing off some signature moves on the disco floor.

Eggo girl waiting for 11 in the cold dark empty space.

Kit Kat
Kit Kat man takes a break stretching out his arms and…oops.

Eggnog man attempts to be funny while I try to figure out a good nog nog, I mean, knock knock joke.

Finnish Rice Pie (Riisipiirakka)
Riisipiirakka man enjoying the sun with butter-and-egg (munavoi) backrub. Can’t wait for summer already!

Cinnamon Bun (Korvapuusti)
Cinnamon buns have ears (korva) in Finland, so he listens to music and strolls and takes a sip of his freshly brewed coffee.

Popcorn man quivering while he watches horror movie alone.

Korean Poo-shaped Red Bean Bun (똥빵 ttongppang)
Ttongppang man answers his call of nature. (This was the shit in Seoul a few years back. Bun, I mean, pun intended.)

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