Artist’s Amazing Invention Offers Handicapped Children a Fun Way to Paint

From a young age, Dwayne Szot knew that he wanted to be a different kind of artist. “I knew growing up that I was never going to be this kind of art guy who put paintings on the wall in a museum,” Szot told The Huffington Post. “I wanted to be the kind of art guy who made something that was going to create social change – that was going to make a difference. And there’d be a usefulness to what I did as an artist.”

Szot’s artistic dream was inspired by his childhood, which was spent in the Midwest’s foster care system. Specifically, the creator was inspired by his disabled foster siblings, who constantly had to adapt to the world around them, trying to live life like other children in spite of their setbacks. For instance, Szot recalls helping his sister, who suffered from cerebral palsy, catch the school bus by pulling her behind him in a wagon.

The memories from his past motivated Szot to invent something that could bring joy to a community of children who are often forgotten, when it comes to “fun” design. Luckily, he came up with a wonderfully playful device that also promotes creativity—a paint roller attachment that allows wheelchair-bound kids to express themselves artistically. It also includes attachments that allow handicapped children to paint on the sidewalk and blow bubbles.

“What I do in the studio is create a means for a full completeness of experiences,” explained Szot. “It’s not just about mark making. It’s about that opportunity to experience and enjoy life to its fullest.”

Via My Modern Met (h/t: The Huffington Post)

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