William Burke Creates Weird Illustrations That Will Send A Shiver Down Your Spine – Design You Trust

William Burke Creates Weird Illustrations That Will Send A Shiver Down Your Spine

William Burke is a self-taught artist and writer who creates all sorts of creepy illustrations and comics. The artist says “weird and creepy shit” is his passion and hopes to one day make art his career.

Will has a pretty twisted mind and it reflects in his illustrations – as you would expect from someone whose Twitter description says “there’s a 7ft cockroach in my mirror trying to sell me something but i cant understand what hes saying cause i don’t speak mandarin”. His illustrations range from possessed Muppets to demon Garfield and are not for the faint-hearted. Check them out in the gallery below – if you dare!

More: Instagram, Twitter, DeviantArt, Patreon h/t: demilked

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