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That’s Top Gear – Mechanic Spends Almost $300,000 Converting Rust Bucket Into Astonishing Custom Car

JF Launier bought the car for $400 but it’s taken many man hours and financial tenacity to be able to make it into an award-winning vehicle.

And after all the work he put into the vehicle, it has been recognised as America’s best custom car.

JF Launier spent 22,000 hours and $300,000 pimping out a 1964 Buick Riveria – even remortgaging his parents’ house as well as his own to finance the project.

But all of the financial risk paid off when the finished article – named Rivision – won the Ridler award for America’s most creative and innovative custom car at the 2014 Detroit Autorama.

Rivision’s value has also jumped with the 39-year-old estimating it to be worth at least $1.5m in man-hours alone.

Via Mirror

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