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This Beautiful Farm Toy Has An Ugly Secret

It may look like an ordinary farm toy – a shed with farm animals inside…but open the doors and you’ll find shelves of chickens, pigs and cows all crammed in. It’s a world away from the idyllic farm you’ll find in your toy shop, but this is the honest farm toy – and it’s actually closer to the truth for most animals. It’s a one-of-a-kind farm toy that evokes feelings of childhood innocence.

Not afraid to push some boundaries, a stark truth lurks behind the shed doors. It’s been developed by the clever bods at Compassion in World Farming, the world’s leading farm animal welfare charity, to draw attention to the conditions 50 billion farm animals live in across the world. It’s taken 2 months to complete and each animal has been lovingly hand painted.

It tells the real story of our food, and if you decide there has to be a better way, you can go to the Your Farm website to fix your farm and let your animals roam free, just as nature intended.

Your Farm

Open the doors and your animals are stacked in rows

The farm animals get regular doses of antibiotics

But you can fix your farm…and the animals are free to graze!

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