Singaporean Artist Depicts How Strange She Feels In Japan

Being silent on a train or not seeing a trashcan anywhere are just some of the things you can only experience in Japan. After spending some time there, the Singaporean artist Evangeline Neo decided to demonstrate the differences between the Japanese culture and her homeland.

More: Evangeline Neo, Instagram, Facebook h/t: playjunkie

“I studied in Tokyo during 2010-2014 and noticed a lot of cultural differences between Japan and my country so I started to draw these comic strips about them to deal with my culture shock,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “I hope my comics will help more foreigners to understand Japan and Japanese better, as well as to increase awareness and change how we behave.”

Better known as Eva Comics on social media, Neo has been drawing webcomics since 2007 and with her remarkable talent and cute Japanese style illustrations, she became one of the most recognized artists in Southeast Asia.

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