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Pokémon Card Artist Paints Original Cards Into Awesome Illustrations

Most people who’ve spent good time, money, and memories collecting Pokémon cards would throw a fit if you brought up the idea of painting over anything from your prized collection, but there has to be a special exception for custom card artist Lunumbra.

Lunumbra uses acrylics to paint and expand the backgrounds of Pokémon cards to cover the whole card, and in the process shows off both her own talent and imagination while also honoring the original art.

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*Bidding is over* . Hey guys! Just paid my taxes and am running a bit low in my wallet 😅 so here's an impromptu card for sale. Ill have a couple more like this one for sale this weekend so if you miss this one, don't stress too much. . How to buy: This is a bid sale! Starting bid is $25. Reply to the person you are outbidding so that they know. Your bid will not be accepted if you do not reply to the person you are outbidding. Please increase each bid by at least $1. Bids increasing by any cent amount will be ignored. . Info: Please pay in USD via PayPal friends and family. Card will come in a frame. This card has not been glossed so if you want text to show let me know if you win. Shipping is included if you are in the US and comes with tracking. Otherwise you will be asked to pay for shipping. . Starting bid: $25. Minimun increase per bid is $1. Reply to the person you are outbidding. Ignoring any of these rules will disqualify your bid. There is no autobuy price. . Bidding ends at midnight tonight (about 6 hours from now)

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