Artist Made These Fantasy Themed Illustrations During The Pandemic To Keep Some Optimism And Colorfulness In The Grim Reality

Pixie Trap

According to an artist Jovana Trajanova: “Soon after the pandemic started, I found myself too scared and paranoid to do anything just like everyone else. Go to the market, see a friend, do anything that was my life before.

The one thing that stayed at home was my ability to do art, and I started thinking of it as therapy. These illustrations are a product of my willfulness to make each day easier and think of more simple things – fairies, pixies, magic, fireflies, birds… at first, I didn’t share much of these, so I have a bunch that I never used. Still, I realized that perhaps if they made my imagination go wild, they might help many of you people too!

I would love to know which stories you came up with within your head for some of them, which stories you think made me do them and what their purpose is.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did create them.”

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Fire And Ice

Break The Ice

Winter Frost

Ray Of Hope

Dancer And The Fireflies

I Will Make You Mine, Again…


You Keep Me Hanging On

Will You Catch Me If I Fall?

You Are The Light

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