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3D-Printed Chess Set Turns Each Piece into a Miniature Planter

The MicroPlanter Chess Set reimagines the classic board game by cleverly combining it with nature. Its creators, XYZ Workshop, were inspired by Bauhaus-style chess pieces and designed them as miniature planters that can each hold a different herb or succulent. This gives every piece its own unique look, as the monochromatic, hard-edged shapes are now offset by soft, green leaves.

This imaginative chess set is completely customizable. The pieces are 3D printed, and XYZ Workshop has made the patterns available for download, allowing you to produce them in a variety of colors and materials. .

In addition, they’ve included a printable and portable chess board skin, which means any flat surface can be a place for game play. Keep it as a fun outdoor activity, or bring the game inside to add some green to your living room

Via My Modern Met

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