Webcomic Artist And Father Transforms His Baby’s Sleep Patterns Into A Blanket

Webcomic artist and father Seung Lee used an app to track his son’s sleep patterns during his first year of life, then used that pattern as the basis for a knitting pattern for a baby blanket.

More: Twitter h/t: colossal, neatorama

According to Colossal: “Choosing to work with six minute intervals, Lee then converted the CSVs into JSON (using Google Apps Script and Python) which created a reliable pattern for knitting. The frenetic lines at the top of the blanket indicate the baby’s unpredictable sleep schedule right after birth. We can see how the child grew into a more reliable schedule as the lines reach more columnar patterns.”

As Lee neared completion of the blanket, he shared, “All the disparate pieces felt really fragile but as I seamed it together, wove in loose ends, and removed stitch markers, it felt more and more sturdy. Something that I’d been handling like a delicate bird egg started to just feel like a blanket.”

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