A Kitchen Utensil Company Has Started To Churn Out Silicon Reusable Face Masks To Help Meet Demand

A kitchen utensil company called Get it Right (GIR) has switched part of its production to the creation of reusable silicon face masks. Given the current enormous demand, and short supply, of useful face masks for medical staff, this is a fantastic initiative.

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“Get It Right was founded upon the notion of finding solutions; that’s how we approach everything we do. When we realized there was a need for protective gear for everyone from healthcare workers to grocery store workers to you and me, we got to work and partnered with our manufacturers to develop a reusable silicone mask. Admittedly it’s departure for us, but life has taken a crazy turn for us all, and we think we’ve come up with a pretty interesting solution. While our reloadable silicone masks shouldn’t replace N95 surgical or procedural masks, they are another much-needed option in the race to protect our communities from the spread of COVID-19. We’ve heard from so many of you in need of PPE and we feel that this best way we can answer the call. We are also asking, from the bottom of our hearts, for you to consider donating a mask to healthcare and essential workers in need. You’ll have that option on our website.”

“We know that time is of the essence, so here’s the working plan: We’re donating masks immediately from our currently supply. The next batch of masks is slated to arrive at our California warehouse approximately two weeks from today. This is the goal, but delays can (and do) happen when receiving overseas shipments, so fingers crossed. Once received at our warehouse, we’ll need a day or two for our crew to set everything up for shipping. We’ll keep you posted every step of the way, but know that our goal is to get them into your hands as soon as possible.

We never imagined ourselves here… but we know that all we can do is the next right thing. That’s the Get It Right thing.

Be well, stay home if you can, and stay safe!”

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