A Photo Shoot That Puts Manchester United’s New Home Shirt At The Heart Of The Look


he landscape of football is one of incredible swell. A game that fuels a momentous culture, it captures music, art, design and so much more. In a new photography series, we headed to Manchester, a global capital for creativity, to bring football and fashion together in a shoot that puts United’s new home shirt at the heart of the look.


Inspired by the 70s, 80s and early 90s – three decades that are synonymous with ever influential fashion trends – Manchester United and adidas had a combined relationship of strength. Shift on a generation and that link up is back together.


While sports performance and the world of lifestyle fashion have remained separate, there’s no denying that the football shirt look is back on the rise. In a time where retro shirts are sold on eBay for a small fortune, there’s quite simply nothing stopping retro wearers adopting contemporary classics.


With adidas bringing the three stripes back to Old Trafford, there are changes in the season – one for the appreciator of the craftsmanship and engineering behind elite equipment and in Manchester, an epicentre of fashion and creativity, it’s the ideal place to start this exploration of football cool.


While many shoot for change and have a thirst for new, there’s no need to forget the subculture who love football kits for what they are and stand for. A kit that has gone down to much avail, it’s a sweet sound from Stretford as far as we can see.

Via Soccerbible

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