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IKEA Turns Kids’ Drawings into Real Toys to Help Promote Children’s Education


Furniture retailer IKEA is giving children around the world the opportunity to help other children in need. For their Soft Toys for Education campaign, the organization had thousands of young artists submit their best illustrations representing the plush toy of their dreams. IKEA then carefully selected ten finalists and brought these designs to life.


The best part is that they made sure to design the toys so that they looked exactly like the original drawings. Now, these $15 products are being sold as a limited-edition line in collaboration with Save the Children and UNICEF, so that $1 from each sold toy will be donated to promote children’s education projects.


“These soft toys are truly fun and imaginative, but they also have a special meaning,” product developer Bodil Fritjofsson explained. “Children are helping children to build a better future for themselves.”


Via My Modern Met, Uplifting News

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