“The Moon In Your Hands”: The Only One Leather Handbag That Captures The Complex Surface Of The Moon In Its Texture – Design You Trust

“The Moon In Your Hands”: The Only One Leather Handbag That Captures The Complex Surface Of The Moon In Its Texture

Designed by the Japanese designer Takahiro Kitamura, the Planetario Clutch Bag is an exquisite leather handbag that captures the complex surface of the moon in its texture.

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The lunar surface was formed over billions of years and through a combination of volcanic activity and meteorites slamming into the moon, which created craters of all shapes and sizes. It tells the story of the history of space and now you can carry that history in your hands.

Designed and made in Japan, a team of craftsmen worked for 3 years perfecting the embossing technology that makes the surface of each bag possible. The bag displays 2 faces: a full moon, but also a crescent moon when folded along the crease.

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