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Traveller T-Shirt With 40 Icons Lets You Communicate In Any Country Even If You Don’t Speak Its Language


George, Steven and Florian, are three friends that got together to create a t-shirt that makes it easier to communicate in a foreign language when you are traveling. It all started when one of the friends was traveling by motorbike in rural Vietnam, and their motorbike broke down.

h/t: boredpanda, contemporist, ufunk


Later that night, over some beers, the idea was developed that there should be a way to have a set of symbols or icons that you could use to communicate with people when you don’t speak the language. After a few more beers, the idea of a t-shirt was born, that would have all of the essential symbols and icons on it, that you could wear and have available at any time.


“Many times we were confronted with a language barrier that was only to be overcome by drawing signs, symbols or icons on a piece of paper, map, or into the dirt,” explain George, Steven and Florian to Bored Panda. “We thought it would be great to have an essential set of icons with you, permanently, so that you could just point on whatever you need – and people would understand. Soon the notepad was pulled out again and we started listing more or less essential icons that would have been of great help during not just ours, but basically anyone’s trip.”


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