Two Sisters from Norway with Magical Photos Inspired by Nature and Music


“We are two tripletsisters from Norway that are passionate about photography and music. My sister Emilie Hamn (on instagram: @artphotographer17) is the one who takes the photos, and I Madeleine Hamn (on instagram: @birdmadeleine) is the model and musician and uses inspiration from music in the photos. The thing we have in common is our passion for art, nature, fairytales, and instagram.”, says Madeleine to Bored Panda.


“We love storytelling as an expression in our photos, hoping to reach out to more people and to inspire others. We started our photography journey for about 3 years ago, and the first thing we captured togheter was that we tried to express our feelings through our photos and it was just the two of us.”


“The time stood still for a moment, and we both knew that this was a start of something magical. My sister Emilie received her first camera when she was 14 and quickly got interested in photography. Photography means the world to her and she can express who she is as a person.”


“In other hand I Madeleine is more interested in music. I have been singing since I was 5 years old, and played piano since I was 10. I also studied music at High-school in Norway for about 3 years. Music is a big part of who I am and I use music as my voice.”


“We take many of our photos in places called Bremanger, Florø and Sandane in Norway and we get inspiration from music, art, fairytales,nature and memories from our childhood. We also use to collaborate on the images by linking toghether the art of photography and the magic of music to create our art.”


“We feel that we are ready to create something new and different, a seperate creative expression. In the nature we can let our emotions free and be who we wants to be.”


“From the beginning it has always been important to me to express the silence and the magic of music combined with nature. Its also important for us to inspire others and express ourselves, and each photo is showing an emotion and a story behind it. We want people to associate and interpret the image in its own way. Instagram has been one of the greatest experience in our lives, and we have inspired alot of people, and also got inspired as well.”

Via Bored Panda

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