Paws For Thought With Kitty Yoga Classes At Australian Cat Cafe


What’s better than yoga? Well, according to Australian cat cafe Catmosphere, yoga with cats (of course).

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A one-hour session includes 45 minutes of yoga followed by 15 minutes of kitty cuddles.

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During the yoga sessions, no one is allowed to interact with the cats, allowing them to wander freely instead.

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Co-owner Thomas Derricott told the Daily Mail, “[It’s like] traipsing into the savannah to sit perfectly still to allow the wildlife become accustomed to your presence.”

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He added, “A study found that 15 minutes spent in the presence of cats reduces stress and anxiety levels.”

© Catmosphere Sydney

“Combining cats with yoga is a spectacular way to combat stress.”

Keen yogi Sasha Haycraft thinks that the cats also test balance and strength, describing how her cat “pounces on my hair from across the room, usually when I’m trying really hard not to fall over.”

© Catmosphere Sydney

With classes of 10 people and up to 19 cats in a session, Thomas reckons the animals find the experience a little strange, but fun all the same.

“The cats seem to find it an oddity. They try and nudge the guests when they’re performing yoga.”

© ysolt/Instagram

“They love the mats so they will sink their claws in.”

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“At the end of the class it’s common practice for the yogi to guide everyone in meditations as they press their hands together and say ‘ohm’” Thomas said.

© Instagram/Renasha.HQ

“The cats have no idea what to make of the noise, they don’t know if they should be terrified, affronted or intrigued.”

© Megan H/Instagram

It sounds like a furry cat-astrophe, but we’d still be up for a session next time we’re looking to relax down under.

© Lithe Yoga/Instagram

Cat yoga classes are currently fully booked but you can see the cat cafe for yourself (or just look at cats) in the video below:

h/t: Pulptastic, The Daily Mail, Instagram, Facebook

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