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You’ll Be Amazed By The World’s First Underwater Photoshoot

Bruce Mozert was a prolific photographer back in the 1930s. He photographed everyday occurrences such as BBQs, couples flirting with each other, beautiful women sipping cocktails, girls gossiping on the phone, and the like. But he did one thing differently with his lifestyle photography that no one saw coming. He shot everything underwater!

Mozert staged each scene in the incredibly clear waters of Silver Springs in central Florida. He is actually considered the pioneer of underwater photography and is the man responsible for inventing the waterproof casing needed to take cameras below the surface. He is also credited with perfecting the lighting techniques needed to capture the dreamlike quality of underwater scenes.

The true marker of Mozert’s skill can be found in how natural these shots are. Looking at the final products, it’s actually quite hard to believe these are among history’s first underwater images! They seem so polished and professional.

All photographs by Bruce Mozert

Vi So Bad So Good, Guardian

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