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Vintage Photos Proving That The Beauty Of People From Previous Generations Is A Unique Thing

American actress from the silent movie era, actress Marie Doro, 1902

Burr McIntosh / Wikimedia

You will probably agree with the idea that photos from previous centuries have some charm about them. Yes, in the past, photos were almost like treasures and people really prepared for them: they chose their clothes, did their hair, thought about the perfect positions, and as a result, created a small masterpiece. But it is not just that: the people in these portraits have a special look.

The Bright Side team is convinced that the bright and expressive faces in these old photos are seen less often now. And in order to prove their point, they have prepared a collection of portraits that has both the celebrities of that time and regular people — someone’s great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers.

h/t: brightside

“My beautiful great-grandmother. Late 1950s”

lolaloopyloo / Reddit

American actress Ethel Clayton, 1910

Bain News Service / Wikimedia

“My great-grandmother in the 1930’s”

SunsetLiquid / Reddit

American movie and theater actress Maude Fealy, the 1900s

Unknown / Wikimedia

“My great-grandmother in 1930”

ThatsGottaBeKane / Reddit

A Victorian era woman getting photographed for the first time, the 1890s

saraboulos / Reddit

“My beautiful grandmother, 1949”


Algerian girl, around 1905

Lehnert & Landrock / Wikipedia

“My great-great-grandmother, late 1910s”

brh1010 / Reddit

American actress Julia Marlowe, 1899

Ye Rose Studio / Wikipedia

French dancer Cléo de Mérode, 1902


“My great-great-grandfather, 1889”

jaKAms / Reddit

Maude Adams, American theater actress, 1890

Unknown / Wikimedia

“My great-grandmother, 1917”

dicerollinggirl / Reddit

Minnie Ashley, American actress, 1896

Benjamin Joseph Falk / Wikipedia

“My great-great-grandmother in the 1890s”

ranchochupacabrash / Reddit

Ione Bright, Broadway actress, 1912

UghSheGiggin / Reddit

“My great-grandfather, Sherman Herbert Ford, around 1900”

SixSpice / Reddit

British actress Evelyn Laye, 1917
by Bassano, whole-plate glass negative, 12 July 1917
unknown photographer / Wikimedia

“My beautiful grandmother in 1955”

missdrywit / Reddit

American actress Evelyn Nesbit, 1901

E. Eickemeyer / Wikipedia

“A photo of my great-great-grandmother taken in the early 1900s, when she was only 6 years old”

Undidiridium_ / Reddit

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