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Artist Turns Her 2-Year-Old’s Sketches Into Paintings

The Lady and the Fox. The making of process.

“Now that my little girl is two years old, her interest in all things art has skyrocketed, especially when she sees me painting. As she gets older I look forward to collaborating with her on many projects, but until then I’ve decided to see what I can create with some of her many sketches.”, says artist Ruth Oosterman to Bored Panda.

The Great Owl. The making of process.

“As all of our collaborations start, my two year old creates her own sketch with an ink pen which I then use to turn into a watercolor painting. The sketch is completely her own with no instruction given from me, I simply use her creativity to inspire me to create a painting.”

The Elephant King. The making of process.

“I try to work quickly and let imagination and play take root into the painting rather than taking it to seriously, this way I can encourage Eve’s contribution without making it to “grownup.” As Pablo Picasso said it can take “but a lifetime to paint like a child.” I feel so blessed that my daughter can remind me once again what it is to paint like a child by letting me see through her eyes.”

The Red Boat. The making of process.

A Bookworm’s Dream. The making of process.


Via Bored Panda

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