“Emptiness”: Existential Russia in Surreal Artworks of Ksenia Gudkova

Ksenia Gudkova was not written about in the press, she didn’t organize any exhibitions – she painted her own pictures, took photos and published them on social networks. I accidentally saw Ksenia’s work and decided to correct this injustice. Look, what a beauty!

“I love taking pictures, I always take my camera with me, but here nature does everything itself – sunsets, sunrises, incredible clouds – I just click. Recently I started to make collages out of my photos. For several years I have admired other authors’ collages and wanted to create in the same way, but it did not work. And now, maybe the time has come, it is born. I have a lot of photos, so I look through them and imagine what could come out of them. Or sometimes I make up a picture first, and then I look for the right photos and put them together on Photoshop.”

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