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French Artist Creates Surrealistic Images That Show A Post-Apocalyptic World Overtaken By Nature

Imagine if, what if, at the beginning of the 21st century, humanity ceased to exist, leaving room for nature to reign fully? What if the Earth was completely empty of people? For most of us, it may sound like an apocalyptic fantasy script for a new upcoming Hollywood movie. However, the idea behind Chris Morin’s work is not pessimistic at all as he whisks us away to a peaceful world where humanity ceased to exist a long time ago.

The idea behind the French photographer’s work was that he wanted to visualize what a world without any humans in it would look like. Overtaken by the concept, he ended up creating a series of images called “Once upon a time, tomorrow.” The digital art project that he started way back in 2012 shows several famous cities overtaken by nature with huge trees and wild animals replacing all modern technology and even overtaking the skyscraper buildings. Cities like Paris, New York, Singapore, Venice, etc. are all part of the series, and there’s definitely more to come!

More: Chris Morin-Eitner, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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