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Artist Rainier Weber Designs Unique Gold-Plated AK47 Chair From Real Rifles

Artist Rainier Weber was reading a book about a book about Michail Kalashnikov when inspiration struck and he combined his interests in design, technology and functionality with his love for furniture design to create a dramatic chair made up of AK-47 rifles.

Comprised of genuine, formally still in service AK47 rifles, the guns serve as the chair legs and armrests for this intimidating seat. The framework of the chair plus all dismantled parts were gold-plated and ultimately put back together. The chair is upholstered in luxurious hand woven fabric from London and Venice.

The chair is pictured alongside a couple of accessories including an AK47 Falcon seat in gold, an original Russian steel helmet and even a cartridge belt with original AK47 cartridges. Would you be willing to add this interesting chair to your living room or study? Should you make up your mind do know this 22k chair is available for $127,000.

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