Cool Pics That Capture People Posing With Their Fiat Cars In The 1920s And ‘30s

A cheerful lady posing with a Fiat 501 Saloon in summertime, circa 1924

Fiat Automobiles is the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy. During its more than century-long history, it remained the largest automobile manufacturer in Europe and the third in the world after General Motors and Ford for over 20 years, until the car industry crisis in the late 1980s.

The first Fiat automobile, the Fiat 4 HP, was produced in 1899. In 1970, Fiat Automobiles reached the highest number, 1.4 million cars, in Italy. As of 2002, it built more than 1 million vehicles at six plants in Italy and the country accounted for more than a third of the company’s revenue.

Fiat has also manufactured railway engines, military vehicles, farm tractors, aircraft, and weapons such as the Fiat–Revelli Modello 1914.

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A fashionable lady wearing a cloche hat and a fur-collared coat posing with a right-hand drive Fiat 509 Berlina, circa 1928

A woman and a boy posing with a Fiat 521, circa 1928

Mother and her three daughters posing with a Fiat 509 Torpedo in an overgrown garden in summertime, circa 1928

Two girls dressed in the fashion of the 1920s with a Fiat 521, circa 1929

A German middle-class family posing with a Fiat 509 Torpedo in front of a garden fence, circa 1930

An elegant young lady posing with a Fiat 525N Berlina, circa 1931

Three ladies and a somewhat grumpy-looking fellow posing with a Fiat 522 on the banks of a lake in summertime, circa 1931

A fellow with a Basque-style beret and a little white dog posing with a Fiat 521, 1932

A Fiat 514 hotel taxi – its roof rack laden with suitcases and skis – parked in front of Sport Hotel Tofana, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, on a sunny winter’s day, circa 1932

Five women posing with a Fiat 501 in front of a stately mansion with a wrought-iron gate, 1932

A couple pose with a Fiat Balilla 508 A on a gravel road in the countryside, circa 1935

A young lady in white female suit posing with a Fiat Balilla in the countryside, circa 1935

Two dapper fellows in light-coloured suits and Panama hats posing with a Fiat Balilla on a dirt road in the countryside, circa 1935

Young lady in a floral dress posing with a Fiat 514 in the countryside, 1935

Young lady posing on the fender of a German-built NSU/Fiat 1000 Cabrio-Limousine in a cobbled yard, circa 1935

An elegant lady in a floral dress posing with a Fiat 518 Ardita Torpedo on the outskirts of a town, circa 1936

An elegant lady seductively posing on the bonnet of a two-tone Fiat 1500 on a mountain road, circa 1936

Young ladies posing in a bi-coloured Simca-Fiat 11 CV Cabriolet in front of a flat-roofed building in an exotic location, possibly in French Algeria, circa 1936

A young man and two ladies posing with a Fiat 514, 1937

A lady wearing a black fur-collared coat and an extravagant hat posing with a Simca 5 on a bleak winter’s day, circa 193

Two fashionable young ladies posing with a Fiat 1500 Cabriolet in a cobbled street on a bleak winter’s day, circa 1938

Young couple posing with a Fiat 521 Berlina on the side of a road lined with Italian stone pines, 1938

fashionable couple posing with a Fiat 500 A on a gravel road in the countryside, 1939

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