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Feel Your Heart Melt into Bubble Bath at a ‘Wet Dog’ Photo Series

Pancake. Image © by Sophie Gamand

Sophie Gamand has said that she may very well become the wet dog photographer.

Benji. Image © by Sophie Gamand

The photographer, who is also a classically trained opera singer, has compiled a terrifically candid and damp profile of some of the most high-profile dogs in the business. Garmand originated the idea out of a heartwarming purpose to help in the #AdoptDontShop animal movement. Gamand has been an active proponent of animal adoption for a major part of her career as a photographer. She has dedicatedly worked with animal shelters and rescue groups to encourage the adoption of rescued animals.

Coco. Image © by Sophie Gamand

Her photographs, to even a casual viewer, clearly reflect her passion for animal welfare by spotlighting the emotive qualities of each of her canine subjects.

Chiki Baby. Image © by Sophie Gamand

Gamand tells Mashable via e-mail, “Exposing the dogs at a vulnerable moment enabled me to capture their wide range of expressions. […] People have difficulties developing meaningful relationships with their peers, and often turn to dogs instead, thus the dog becomes the confidant, the best friend, replacing spouses or children.”

Oscar Boobear. Image © by Sophie Gamand

Gamand’s debut book, WET DOG, features more than 120 individual photos of dogs that use Gamand’s unique doggie-friendly aesthetic. Each four-footed friend within the book is treated like canine royalty (despite their “soggie doggie” appearances) with an entire bright, pastel page to showcase each of their comical personalities.

Marnie. Image © by Sophie Gamand

The WET DOG book is a beauty. With an eloquent introduction detailing Gamand’s experience growing up in a household of lovely pets, to the beginning of her work in NYC photographing the city’s menagerie of dogs, to finally her life-changing volunteerism with The Sato Project, her debut has depth and whimsy.

Britney. Image © by Sophie Gamand

And behind all that charisma, we can now all can sit on our living room sofas, staring into the souls of dozens of adorable pups without having to tell them to get off the couch.

Britney again! Image © by Sophie Gamand

Nicole. Image © by Sophie Gamand

Chuchi. Image © by Sophie Gamand

Chelsea. Image © by Sophie Gamand

Pucci. Image © by Sophie Gamand

Marshmallow. Image © by Sophie Gamand

Marshmallow! Image © by Sophie Gamand

Diamond. Image © by Sophie Gamand

Commando. Image © by Sophie Gamand

Image © by Sophie Gamand

Wanda. Image © by Sophie Gamand

Via Mashable

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