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Take A Look At This Cute Adopted Cat With Funny Markings


“I was looking for a cat that would be a good company for my other two cats. Some day I found Witek at one of the cat-adopting-foundations. I fell in love with him immediately. This is a short story about how Witek came to our home.”, said Magdalena, a pet owner, to Bored Panda.

At first Witek was locked in a living room, because other cats were afraid of him


He was lonely and wanted to play with older cats


He had to spend a few days alone


Soon he became more confident


And after just a few days he and the older cat became best buddies


He is very curious and he wants to play a lot


He also eats a lot. And loudly begs for cat food


After dinner he wants to cuddle with his human


Via Bored Panda

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