Photographer Shows His Recurring Nightmares Of Flooded Landscapes And Tsunami-Like Scenarios Through Photography

J. Flynn Newton is the alias for the german photographer J. F. Novotny, who made his first steps in taking pictures at the early age of 6 years – with his first camera, an Agfa Silette I which he still owns. Further photography became an important part in his life.

His “DrOWNing SKYs” tries to visualize old and recurring dreams of flooded landscapes and tsunami like scenarios where no escape seems possible.

More: J. Flynn Newton, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

“With my skills in photography and photoshop growing over time, I decided to try my own therapy by visualizing that apocalyptic moment when my very own dream world is collapsing. The results are mesmerizing images that blend landscapes and water. Basis of every „DrOWNing SKY“ work are own B&W photographies I took on my journeys around the world, may it be the Scottish highlands, the Arizona landscape, the city of Houston, the french coast or an Italian village, meticulously blended with water photographies captured from stormy coasts or ship passages,” artist told Bored Panda.

“Well, the therapy worked: since I banned those visions into my „DrOWNing SKY“ works my own dreams remain (nearly) calm. My sleep has improved, and in the meantime, this photography series has been exhibited as well as featured and awarded by various photography platforms on the internet,” he added.

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