Tatiana Lazaryuk Creates Adorable Pictures Made From Plasticine


According to artist Tatiana Lazaryuk: “A year ago I returned to my school hobby and began doing plasticine pictures – actually because I lost my drawing skills long ago and was too lazy to start learning again. And I found it more interesting to realize my creative ideas this way.”


“Working with plasticine you can experiment a lot, try something new and be different all the time. In fact, the most inspiring thing is that plasticine looks great by itself even if you’ve done a really ugly work. I can use any type of plasticine for work, no matter if it’s some cheap kind or expensive professional set – they will all look great.”


“After the work is finished I make photos and usually don’t keep the plasticine work for a long time. Sometimes I do some works of polymer clay, but I still find plasticine the most pleasant material.”

Via Bored Panda

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