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“Women To Look Up To”: Stunning Christmas Tree Toppers Of Female Role Models

The Christmas Angel, Fairy, Tree Topper, by whatever name you call her, is a woman from a bygone era; a woman made of no more than plastic and glitter. No wonder, when the Victorians invented her!

The old dame was due a modern makeover, so we thought why not venerate the real women inspiring us in 2017. Women leading politics, culture, business, who are worthy of wings – the likes of Hillary Clinton, Serena Williams, Beyoncé, and a woman voted for by you.

3D sculpted and printed from the highest grade 3D plaster in a range of sizes to suit your tree. These hand finished Angelic Women know how to steal the show in your home, at the Christmas Party, or in grand public spaces.

Savannah Power, one of the founders speaking about what inspired the idea and how social
media has helped raise awareness for Women To Look Up To:

“Last Christmas, whilst decorating the house, my sister Chelsea, her boyfriend, and I got chatting about the frumpy, old Angel that barely hangs off the top of our annual Xmas tree. We just felt uninspired by her, like she was a bit of a forgotten figure, even as a Catholic family, we didn't really understand why it was such a tradition in the first place to have this outdated representation of a woman on top of your tree. So, we, with the help of Chelsea’s boyfriend Dom and our incredible design team Duzi Studio all came together and thought, there’s something in this, this can be a vehicle for change, to start a conversation. A Christmas campaign to educate and make a difference.”

More info: Women To Look Up To, Instagram

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