This Artist Walks All Day To Create Massive Dragon Mural In Snowy Siberia


Map orienter turned professional snowshoe artist, Simon Beck has once again created a spectacular display of large-scale snow art, this time in Yakutsk, Siberia. This colossal snow dragon was made for a film still in production called Drakony. Using raquettes (snowshoes), Beck spends hours trudging through the snow to build up fantastic icy designs.


The diligent artist’s sensational snow patterns feature stunning geometric shapes that can only be properly comprehended from afar, above ground level. Typically Beck plods out each design, walking anywhere from 5 to 9 hours in a session and continuing into the evening if he is not overly exhausted. He began to create his snow art one day when he wanted a little exercise. Grabbing a compass, he headed out to a snow covered lake to walk out a pattern of a pentangle.


After issues with his feet meant that he could no longer continue orienteering map-making seriously, he turned to snow art as a form of low-key exercise, with the eventual idea of building up a collection of pictures and putting together a book. His recently completed Snow Art features over 200 of his snow designs, and is currently available on his website.


Via My Modern Met, Twisted Sifter

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