Chinese Artist Creates Sculptures From Ferrero Rocher Packaging

We are used to thinking of packaging as a disposable thing that serves just the purpose of containing and protecting a product. However, in time, when the ever-increasing waste becomes a serious problem, perhaps, it’s well in our interest to find creative means of eliminating the issue.

Chinese artist Ciro Wai creates impressive miniature sculptures by upcycling the gold foil of Ferrero Rocher, not only disposing of the garbage but also creating something that deserves to be appreciated. He first started with a Pikachu and later on created a whole series of sculptures dedicated to Chinese zodiac signs. Now his collection of works ranges from animated characters like Pikachu to Chinese zodiac signs, and everything he does turns out to be incredible pieces of art.

So go down the page and see the beautiful art made from simple Ferrero Rocher packaging!

More: Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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