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A Girl Collects Porcupine’s Shed Quills And Makes Different Things Out Of Them

Snuggles is a 8 month old African Crested Porcupine (Hystrix cristata) here she is trying to look like a bad ass with her Mohawk quills out.

The African Crested Porcupine eats a variety of different vegetables and yams are Snuggles favorite

ACP have different quills, some are long and skinny to make them look bigger. Some are shorter, thicker and solid that are used to defend themselves. The ones on their tails are hollow to make a rattling noise. The quills are constantly being shed since they are not firmly attached like hair is and unlike North American porcupines the Africans are not barbed.

The larger solid defensive quills are cut up to be made into beads.

Holes are drilled into them so a chain can be attached.

The drilling is a little dusty and since quills are modified hairs the drilling makes a little bit of a smell during the process but quickly goes away.

Drilling holes

Inspecting holes

Lightly stroking the quills cleans them since they are very smooth. Wet or very dirty quills are not used.

The tips of the quills are very sharp and are smoothed down so they are not as sharp but will have the quill look.

More holes

Another hole is drilled into the base so a fastener can be fitted for it to go on a chain

Fastener being placed

Finished Necklaces

African crested porcupine quill necklace Aprox 18 in length. Hand drilled beads. Natural black and white stripe coloring. Dark shiny chain.

Porcupine Earings

African crested porcupine quill earrings aprox. 2 in in length. Natural black and white color, dark shiney hook. One of a kind.

Porcupine Hair Sticks

African crested porcupine quill hair sticks with small porcupine quill dangles. Aprox. 8 in long. Natural black and white stripe coloring.

Aprox. 18 in length chain. Hand drilled porcupine quill beads. Natural black and white stripe coloring. Dark shiny chain.

Give me that yam!

Thanks for looking! If you are interested in anything here is a link to the Etsy shop.

Via Reddit

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