Awkward Vintage Photos of Celebrities Posing With Their Beloved Cats

David Bowie

It would appear from these photos that celebrities love cats and kittens just as much as the rest of us. Who among us has not snuggled up with a cute kitty or played with a cat and a ball of string. They are amazing animals that bring even the most famous people much pleasure.


John Travolta

Steve Martin

John Lennon

Anthony Hopkins

Morgan Freeman

George Clooney


Nicolas Cage


Brigitte Bardot

Kurt Cobain

Jayne Mansfield

Mel Gibson

Salvador Dali

Leonard Nimoy

Vincent Price

Marlon Brando

George Harrison

Paul McCartney

Syd Barrett

Marc Bolan

Alice Cooper

Billy Idol

Joan Jett

Freddie Mercury

Iggy Pop

Linda Ronstadt

Rod Stewart

Frank Zappa

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