Father And Son Convert Old School Bus Into Mobile Tiny Home For Cross-Country Road Trip


Patrick Schmidt quit his job, bought a 1990 school bus from a California church, and aimed to create a skoolie: a school bus that’s revamped for non-school purposes. When he first bought the bus in March, he decided to name it “Big Blue” and then drove it to his parents’ Las Vegas home.


With help from his dad, Schmidt tirelessly worked to transform Big Blue into a mobile tiny home. After removing the roof, the interior, and changing the insulation, the father-son duo installed solar panels, a bed, kitchen, dining area, toilet, and air conditioner by reusing and recycling as much as possible. In August, Big Blue was complete and ready to transport Schmidt on his 10,000-mile road trip spanning 30 states


Despite downsizing, the skoolie enthusiast has had an incredible couple of months filled with adventure.


“My plans are to stay in Florida until March, then most likely find my way back slowly to Vegas, and up to Seattle to live again for a while. Find some land to park on,” Schmidt told Metro, when discussing his future plans. “That’s kind of the life I’ve imagined for myself. Ride around, travel, find temporary work, and see where to go from there.”


Scroll down to see Big Blue’s transformation and Schmidt’s ensuing journey.

h/t: mymodernmet, designtaxi, metro

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