Russian Dental Clinic N2 – Probably The Scariest Dental Clinic In The World

Do you have any scary dentist memories from your childhood? Believe Julia Kalinina, you’re all good, after seeing this you will understand you had nothing to fear of. Recently a batch of photos of the Dental Clinic N2 in Moscow, Russia was released by Julia Kalinina and it went viral.

More info: Facebook (h/t: slavforum)

It is actually a fully functioning (public) dental clinic, but from the outside you might get an impression it is a abandoned homeless shelter. Julia said equipment inside is not any better, it is probably older than she is.

There are only two drugs used in the clinic: dental cement and Lidocaine. Clinic is in ruined conditions, which she witnessed as the cement was falling out of the walls, but the regional health care can’t afford to repair right now.

Your dentist childhood fears on a whole new level!

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