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Stunning Pink Landscapes Of The Deadly African Congo


What you’re about to see is not an illusion.

The innovative (and as we’re about to find out) equally daring photographer Richard Mosse captured these starling images from the war torn territory of the Congo in Africa. Deep in the jungle war zone Mosse opted to use a rare (and now discontinued) military surveillance technique known as ‘Kodak Aerochrome’.


What is it exactly? It’s a brand of film which has infrared capabilities – using it literally switches the green tones in jungle landscape into countless shades of blood red, lavender, crimson and even hot pink.


To add a further level of chaos & complexity to his surroundings, the spectrum of infrared light that is captured using the ‘Kodak Aerochrome’ film, is naked to the human eye. Mosse had to rely on circumstance and hope (two common traits with he shared with those he photographed) in order to put together this dazzling array of images.


Heartbreaking, surreal and beautiful – his work romanticizes & offers hope to a world soaked in brutal war, irrational conflict and devastating loss. You can see the full body of work, in his spectacular book titled ‘Infra: Photographs

h/t: sobadsogood

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