This Ingenious Couple Built The House Of Their Dreams — And It’s Amazingly Small!


Andrew and Gabriela Morrison had long dreamed of having their own home. But as we all know, a large house requires large investments. The Morrisons decided against taking out loans and purchasing a large house — they realised that even a small place to call their own would suit them as well. And so they built a house which is just 20 square meters — but it’s very, very cosy. But how exactly do they live in such a confined space? We’ll tell you.

Andrew and Gabriel Morrison are now very happy that they didn’t take on any debts and instead decided to build their own small home from scratch.


Despite the small amount of space, this tiny house contains almost everything they could ever want.


Everything they need to cook is packed stylishly into the kitchen.


There’s a gas stove, a sink, a refrigerator and other modern appliances.


The house even has space for reading, and a dining table which can easily be converted into a work desk.


The area under the staircase is used for storing clothes.


The bedroom is located on the second floor.


There’s also a small but comfortable living room.


The bathroom is equipped with modern plumbing.


The house, of course, also has a shower.


Another interesting feature of the house is that it is on wheels. The couple can travel anywhere without leaving home.


Andrew and Gabriela’s story once again proves that you can make any small space into the perfect home if you use your creativity and ingenuity. It’s creativity which makes the world go round!

h/t: brightside, tinyhousebuild

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