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A Stunning Luxury Villa Is Created out Of a Boeing 737 Jet

Private Jet Villa Bali

Perched 150 meters above sea level on a Bali cliff, the Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens, converted from a Boeing 737, stands as a unique luxury accommodation.

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Private Jet Villa Bali2

Developed by Felix Demin, this project transformed a retired jet into a lavish two-bedroom villa overlooking Bali’s coastline, overcoming significant logistical challenges over three years. The villa, once part of Mandala Airlines, required disassembly and careful transportation to its cliff-top location, including adjusting for narrow roads and low-hanging wires.

Private Jet Villa Bali3

The conversion features innovative design elements, such as a cockpit bathroom and a wing terrace, ensuring safety and offering unparalleled views. Despite its high cost, the villa has become a coveted destination for those seeking an extraordinary stay in Bali.

Private Jet Villa Bali4

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