Banksy Creates New Pieces Inside The Syrian Refugiee Camp In Calais, France


After Dismaland, Banksy continues to hightlight the migrant crisis and horrific living conditions of Syrian refugiees in the Jungle of Calais by painting a portrait of Steve Jobs, reminding us that he is the son of a Syrian migrant.


Steve Jobs is depicted carrying a travel bag with his iconic mac computer. Additional murals and messages have been painted in the camp and the city center of Calais.


The others pieces are showing a stenciled young girl and her telescope, a text piece which reads “Maybe This Whole Situation Will Sort Itself Out” and a piece showing a refugee raft inspired from the “The Raft of the Medusa” by Géricault and dubbed “Maybe We Are Not All In The Same Boat”.


On a side note, this is the first ever time Banksy paints in France.

h/t: streeartnews, banksy

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