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Forgotten Classical Art Taken From Museums To The Streets

When French artist and filmmaker Julien de Casabianca visited the Louvre, there was one lonely girl that caught his eye; that girl, portrayed in a lonely painting in a forgotten corner, inspired him to help forgotten paintings like her live a second life. He took a picture of her, pasted her up in the street, and the Outings street art project was born.

Now, de Casabianca’s projects has become a “world participative project;” artists around the world have been invited to turn characters from forgotten classical paintings into street art, where they might get the renewed attention that they deserve. Artists can even receive small grants to help them with the cost of printing the artwork. They are encouraged to use clear, non-damaging wallpaper glue and to choose dirty and decaying walls – these are more beautiful and the art there will probably last longer, since their owners won’t care about keeping them clean.

More info: outings-project.orgFacebookInstagramTwitter Flickr. Via Bored Panda, Colossal, Slate.

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