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Dog Pants Are All The Rage This Year In Pet Fashion


Baby it’s cold outside and your pup might not be ready to brave the elements! So when the weather get’s tough, the tough get going with a pair of Muddy Mutt Dog Pants.


Yeah, you hear that right. Pants for your pup.


Now stylish, weather-smart pups can sport a pair of waterproof pants that will keep them clean and warm all year round. And not only do these pants keep your pup’s fur spotless, the pants also feature reflective bands around each foot which ensures your pup will stay safely visible to drivers while walking at night.


Muddy Mutt pants are available in 6 sizes, feature adjustable straps to keep your furry friend comfortable, and can be combined with an equally stylish fleece jacket for extreme winter weather.

h/t: sobadsogood


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Image credits: Jared Keller

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